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“Claire is, without a doubt, one of the best coaches out there. My voice has improved drastically and I’m much more confident in my singing abilities than I was before. Claire can make you SING. I work with a lot of music professionals on a daily basis, and having Claire as a vocal coach has definitely been a true blessing.”
Moises Zulaica

Music Producer, winner of SONGLAND

“I’ve grown so much as a singer, but also as a PERSON. Throughout the years, I’ve had an insecurity about singing, and being an actress, where you have to ‘be yourself’ [on camera] I used to be afraid to hear my voice. But after lessons with Claire, I’ve grown so much. I hope to work with Claire for the next TEN YEARS!”
Praya Lundberg

Thai-American actress

“After TWO lessons, I noticed a difference. I’m finally getting to where I’ve always wanted to be as a singer. My previous teachers never showed me how to hit high notes properly. EVERY lesson with Claire I have three or four revelations! BOOK THE LESSON! Claire provides such a safe place to be vulnerable. It’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour.”

San Francisco

“You won’t find a better voice teacher! Since I’ve started taking lessons with Claire I’ve become a much better singer. She’s even helped me to increase my vocal range. Claire is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She is a patient teacher and she makes voice lessons fun. I recommend her to everyone I know who wants to take voice lessons.”

Young Nala In Broadway’s Touring “The Lion King”

“Now I can let go and feel when I perform! Before working with Claire, I wasn’t singing properly and my vocal cords would hurt afterwards. After so many takes [in the recording studio] I was burned out. Now nothing hurts, and singing is SO much easier. Claire makes singing a blast every single time we work together. I take so much away from our sessions.”
Brenna D’Amico

Actress (Descendants)

Brenna D’Amico
Actress (Descendants)

Noelle, New Jersey
“I learned more from Claire in one lesson than in five years with my previous teacher. Not only does Claire teach impeccable technique, she also helps you with the spiritual and mental side of singing, unlocking your hidden potential. Because she’s both a teacher AND a performer, she understands the struggles and feelings. I can say without a doubt that I’ve found a voice teacher, mentor, role model, and friend for life.”

New Jersey

“After five minutes of my first lesson, I sung in ways I didn’t know I was capable of, and I remembered why singing was my passion. Now my throat doesn’t hurt anymore when I sing high notes. My vocal cords are healthier and my breathing has improved a lot! She breaks technique down in a very understandable way, tailoring it to your learning style, whether it be kinesthetic, visual, etc.”


Sharon, Mexico

Kateland, Los Angeles
“Now singing is easy, fun and 100% understandable! I have two degrees in vocal performance but until Claire, I’d never had a teacher who actually understood how the voice works or how to communicate it. I am a trained opera singer with a very developed head voice. After working with Claire on my middle and chest voice, not only can I comfortably sing musical theater and pop music again, but my classical singing has new grounding and depth!

Los Angeles

“I learned more about singing in one lesson with Claire than I did in the past 30 years of trying to teach myself. She has a brilliant, intuitive, soulful approach that is grounded in anatomy, physiology, and learning science — all of it delivered with genuine charm and care. I’m counting my blessings that I found her!”

Bainbridge Island, WA

Jimmy, Bainbridge Island, WA
“Worth every penny; worth every second. If you’re on the fence about signing up for singing lessons with Claire Hosterman, DO IT! DO IT! You won’t regret it!! You will improve SO much.”


Claire makes me feel so comfortable and supported, even when I’m unsure of how I’m doing. I feel totally free with her in singing lessons. I even feel comfortable voice-cracking in front of her.”

Los Angeles

“Lessons with Claire have made me feel more open and comfortable with myself as a singer and as a person. I feel amazing after each lesson, like, ‘Wow, I DID that?!‘”


Every time we have a singing lesson I can’t stop smiling! Working with ‘The Individual Claire Bear’ is amazing and fun because she’s so positive — which, I think, is so important in such a stressful industry.”

Los Angeles

“In THREE sessions with Claire my voice changed so much…. I shocked myself with what came out of my mouth! I useed to think you had to be born to sing like Adele or Whitney Houston. I was super surprised to find out how much science is behind singing and how you can become a better singer with technique.”


Los Angeles

Dom, Los Angeles

Samantha, Australia
“Now I know how to USE my voice. Before working with Claire, I always randomly sang and ‘hoped it came out right’! When listening to other singers, I now know how to do what they’re doing without damaging my voice. I also use her techniques in my acting career!”


“With Claire, I’ve seen so much growth in my voice in such a short amount of time. I’ve had singing lessons with other teachers and NONE of them have transformed my singing the way Claire has. I FULLY recommend her!”

Orange County

Mary, Orange County

Simon, Australia
“Literally, anyone can do this! For someone who has no singing background, Claire explained the foundations so well. It’s mind blowing… Before we got started, I would always sing songs from my throat. And now, after only a few sessions, I understand that it’s about using the WHOLE body to sing.”


“One of the best experiences of my professional life! I have been taking voice lessons since I was seven with several coaches from across the country, but my lessons with Claire have helped my voice the most. I am hitting high notes that I never, ever thought I could have sung. All my friends have seen a positive difference in my voice since I started classes with Claire!”


Los Angeles

Maya, Los Angeles
“Claire’s techniques are easy to understand, and really make a huge difference. I’ve learned so much! I would absolutely recommend working with Claire to any singer in a heartbeat — whether they are a seasoned veteran or totally new to vocal performance.”

Los Angeles

“Claire is an extraordinary teacher of vocal technique, and not a minute is wasted. Every moment she’s giving both mindset and tactical instruction on how to sing with less effort, more control and better intonation. Her secret weapon though, is her sweet, passionate, caring style. She authentically cares about the emotional well-being of her students and each concept is taught with care, kindness and humor.”

Los Angeles

“I’m getting much better with each lesson! Before working with Claire, my throat always hurt when I sang. Now nothing hurts, my breath support is much better, and I know where to place the sound in my face!”

Los Angeles

Ash, Los Angeles

Kiera, Minnesota

Cathy & Riley, New York

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